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At {gct_agency_name}, focus on quality client service drives every policy produced, as agents take time to identify risks and counter with fitting coverage. Along with individuals and families, we also insure businesses representing a variety of specific industries – from restaurants and schools to manufacturing companies and retail operations. Our business insurance program can be tailored to meet their specific commercial requirements.

Homeowners insurance and auto insurance serve as the foundation of our personal insurance program. Whether you are purchasing a new home or adding a new driver to your auto policy, our agents are accessible to guide you and your loved ones toward accurate, affordable coverage.

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Ongoing service extends beyond the policy purchasing process, with agents continuously monitoring coverages and rates. If a client needs to file a claim, we will advocate on their behalf throughout the claims process.

We look forward to continuing to implement insurance strategies for decades to come. To begin working with us, please request a quote at your earliest convenience.

Independent Agent vs The Rest

Unlike a captive, or direct insurance companies who only offer their own proprietary products, our agency is 100% independent of any one company. This lets us compare coverage and rates from multiple insurance companies, tailoring a solution that works best for you.

Features & Services Our Agency Captive Agent Online & 1-800 Companies
Access to multiple companies and wide range of products
Easy switching from company to company without hassle
Unbiased and objective advice Tries to sell & support only their one company Tries to sell & support only their one company
Claims assistance and advocacy Adjusters are often exclusive to the one company No help: You vs. adjuster
Policy service from the same person you bought from To call center You'll likely never talk to the same person twice
When you buy from an independent agent like us, you're supporting local business and you local economy #choicematters #independentagent

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Consistent Quality

We have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide personalized insurance solutions for your family and business in {gct_agency_city} {gct_agency_state}.

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