Cyber Security Strategies for {gct_agency_state} Businesses

Cyber Liability Insurance in {gct_agency_city} {gct_agency_state}

Just because your business has not been a victim of data breach in the past does not mean you will not be affected in the future. In fact, cyber crime is one of the top producers of business closure across trades.

Even business owners who do not consider their operations “tech-savvy” are vulnerable to the costly consequences of digital data breach – from restaurants and retail stores to third-party administrators and schools.

Why doesn’t my General Liability cover Cyber?

General Liability covers bodily injuries and damage to property which is a result of your products, services or operations. Be sure to check your policy because cyber insurance is usually not included in your general liability policy.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

If computer hacking situations intimidate you, you are not alone. Although the feeling itself is understandable, simply ignoring the potential financial burden of data breach is not an option.

Our commercial agents work one-on-one with clients to secure assets – speaking in your business language, not insurance jargon. Agents take time to communicate the availability of cyber liability coverage within our comprehensive business insurance program. Once your exact needs are determined, including industry-wide requirements, we will produce fitting cyber liability insurance coverage.

In all, cyber liability can address an assortment of cyber issues, including:

  • Loss or corruption of data
  • Business interruption
  • Various liabilities
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber extortion
  • Reputation recovery
  • Forensics Protection
  • System Monitoring

To review the cyber security measures accessible to {gct_agency_state} business, contact us or start a quote online.

Tapped Into Cyber Protection

Even with the dangers cyber theft present, many of our clients local to {gct_agency_city} and surrounding {gct_agency_state} communities still do not have cyber liability coverage. We are working alongside some of the most reputable carriers to fill this coverage gap, including Chubb, Travelers and BCI.

Our agents are accessible to review coverage, especially if changes in business practices occur – from sales, payroll, and employment alterations to location changes and software updates. Agency-wide our goal is not to secure the cheapest cyber liability coverage, but instead provide a streamlined client experience and accurate policies.

Data breaches can happen when you least expect it. Do not get caught off-guard. Instead, safeguard your profits by requesting a quote today.

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